The Directors share Wandsworth Council’s objectives of conserving Battersea Power Station and creating four thousand permanent jobs in the redevelopment of the site. We hope to work with the Council, the GLA, private developers and other interest groups to achieve these twin objectives.

As a registered Charity, our Company will be able to access funding not available to a private developer. For example: the National Lottery, the European Union, and private benefactors.

The Company will therefore be able to bring in significant sums of additional money, to be spent on the conservation of the listed building, public access to the historic parts of the building and infrastructure improvements.

We believe that two key changes need to be made to the way the redevelopment is being approached. These are trust ownership for the building, with the development carried out in incremental phases.

Trust ownership

We propose the transfer the freehold of Battersea Power Station to a public interest trust. Historic areas of the building would be looked after by the trust and made available for public access and use. The current owner would take a lease over the remainder of the building (approx 60% of the building) and would retain freehold of the rest of the site .

Historic areas to be retained by the trust would be:

  • Battersea A Turbine Hall, Control Room & Switch House
  • Auxiliary Control Room
  • External areas affecting the setting of the Power Station
  • Battersea Water Pumping Station

Responsibility for upkeep of the historic fabric of the building would pass to the trust. The current owner would be free to carry out refurbishment work inside the building, without having the responsibility of upkeep of a listed building, although a financial contribution towards the upkeep of the building would be sought.

Incremental development

The Directors also believe that redevelopment should proceed in incremental phases, rather than the single “billion pound” phase, that has been advocated up to now. The experience of other large historic buildings projects, such as Dean Clough Mills in Halifax, or Ellis Island in New York Harbour, suggest an incremental approach for Battersea Power Station.

Battersea Power Station lends itself to incremental development as it is made up of self-contained compartments (switch houses, turbine halls etc) which can be developed separately. The Directors would like to see the historic ‘A’ Station switch house and turbine hall brought back into use as a priority.


World famous chimney

A Station turbine hall